My Story


Growing up I was very athletic but had a diet that comprised lots of refined carbs, junk and sugary foods with very little vegetables and fruit, if at all! Since it had no negative impact on my life from what I could see externally, I continued to eat this way until I got to university in 2003, where I was living on my own with zero cooking skills at hand! Meals comprised of fast food, frozen foods and minimal cooking that required almost no effort. In a span of 1 year I had gained about 7 kgs ( ~15 pounds)! While I never looked overweight as such, I was wreaking havoc to my inside with all the junk I was consuming.



My interest in food and nutrition began in 2013 with the Paleo diet which was very popular in Canada, where I lived at the time. The Paleo diet refers to the way of eating like our ancestors did, so mostly Animal protein, Very little carbs, Fats and Vegetables as well as No sugar and No processed foods. The diet did wonders for me! I dropped 5 kgs (~10 pounds) in the first two weeks, and I looked the best I have in my adult life till then and felt pretty good too because there's a lot that I was doing right! I dedicated my weeks to eating and exercising right and then "cheating" on the weekends.

However, After 3 years of cutting out one of the most important food groups , Carbohydrates, almost completely from my diet, things started to go off balance for me, and in turn also created an unhealthy deprivation mindset because of the "cheat" meals.

It started one day in 2016 when my head started spinning, not In a dizzy kind of way but where the room and everything in it was swaying. This carried on for almost a year and along the way I experienced constant ringing and aches in my ears, burning sensations of pain on my scalp and shoulders as well as bouts of nausea. Can you imagine living with this for a whole year!? I visited all kinds of doctors, did all kinds of tests and even MRI's but nothing turned up. My whole life was turned upside down, but I was getting no answers ! I was frustrated and I felt nothing like my old self. I even had to stop exercising which I previously did 5 times a week, because the dizziness only made it worse.

With no insights from doctors, I began to look deeper at everything I had been doing and slowly began to make the connection between my diet and what I was experiencing.

I began to look at the lack of Carbohydrates, which is a basic energy building block for the body, brain and central nervous system and serves so many other vital functions, and how that could be contributing to my condition. Once I began reincorporating Carbohydrates, things normalized and all my symptoms vanished as mysteriously as they appeared. Not once did any of the doctors ask about my nutrition or explore the role of food!



My next reminder of diet and how it affects health came in 2017, this time with regards to acne. I had flawless skin growing up, but in my early 30s, (which is the last thing you want to be dealing at that age, or any for that matter!) I began to experience more breakouts which overtime became cystic. I recall going to a renowned Dermatologist, and when I mentioned to her that I believed Dairy was causing me to breakout, she stated there was absolutely no connection, even though my body was telling me otherwise! I decided to take matters into my own hands, and began to take a closer look at my diet and how it was affecting my skin. While looking at the nutrition-skin connection was helpful, through my education at Intergrative Institute of Nutrition, New York and subsequently Stanford School of Medicine, I began to realize there are so many more components to it. It is also related to stress levels, sleeping habits, gut health, hormones, healthy weight and exercise among others. There are deeper imbalances that need attention, to which Antibiotics, Birth Control, Crash & Fad dieting are not the answer!





As silly as it sounds, I had allowed my poor skin to hold me back from doing so many things that I loved such as socializing, swimming, playing sports because I was conscious of my skin and I allowed it to prevent me from living my full life.

I have been in deep despair as far as my health is concerned on two occasions now and I know how it feels to be alone, with no one to ask the right questions and more importantly listen and give the right guidance. Fad, yo-yo diets, over the counter medicine are not the answer !

If you are suffering from weight issues, acne or other issues and are allowing it to hold you back, I feel your pain !

With my experience & education I will support and empower you through diet and lifestyle transformations that are suited to you and your goals which will allow you to look and feel your best ! I will teach you how to make healthy eating and living a lifestyle without calorie counting and the need for cheat days, the way I have, and effortlessly lost 10kgs in the process over 4 months. We will not only achieve your body goals, but also create a better-balanced version of yourself in the process, across all areas that contribute to your well-being!


Nothing happens
until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.

Tony Robbins